Canoeing, Kayaking and Camping
the Beautiful Suwannee River 

AND - A Huge Photo Documentary of

 Memorial to 9/11 Disaster,

 built as it happened.

Over 400 photos of this disaster,

90% you have never seen.

Link Below the crying eagle!

  Get away from the stress of city life.   Paddle softly, listen to the sound of the breeze gently rustling through the trees, marvel at a deer high up on a bank watching you, see an occasional  raccoon or otter, or an alligator sunning himself. Then when the sun sets, listen to the call of the owl, supper over a  campfire and sleep out under the stars.  This is wonderful medicine with miracle healing powers for one's psyche. If there's such a thing as a southern "God's Country," this has got to be close.
           Bill Logan  

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The intent of this web site is to be informative and helpful to both first time paddlers to experienced paddlers wishing to paddle the Suwannee. For help on a specific area or subject, contact Webmaster. I usually answer within an hour or so.

FYI --  This website is -- and has been -- for the last three years, supported entirely by the monies generated from the sale of my BOOK and DVDs.  Any overages -- have gone to improve sites and safety on the river for all paddlers.  "Click here" if you are interested in what has been done.

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Regarding The 9/11 tribute below - it was begun as it happened. The photos on it were taken by news photographers from most major papers in the US and all over the world. On the 12th, I began searching all world news services, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Perth, Oslo, Amsterdam, Brussels, just to name a few.  I spent many full days searching  for these photos.  Why all those foreign places?  Because NY City is the US Hub of all the major news agencies in the world. This disaster could not possibly have happened in any place in the world where it could have been more well photo documented. At any given time there are hundreds of working professional news agency photographers from all over the world in New York city.  I knew their work would all be outstanding. So after searching all the major US news agencies, I went to those overseas agencies (By the way, I'm a retired professional photographer myself) So I finalized this memorial in it's present form around September 20th, 2001

I have left this memorial tribute on my website as a memorial to those brave men and women who lost their lives trying to save lives of those they never knew. I shall keep this memorial in place for as long as I'm alive, as a reminder to all Americans of this horrible day. It is my opinion that unfortunately, we Americans tend to forget disasters far too soon.  i.e.- As we have all grown older, unfortunately, we have softened our memories of Pearl Harbor and now Japan is a major trading partner. Same with Vietnam!  THIS --9/11 -- is one attack on our great nation I shall do my utmost to make certain we shall never forget. I hope to live long enough to see Osama Bin Laden before a firing squad,  in some foreign country obviously, because the American people are too chicken hearted to mete out that kind of punishment. What a shame. An eye for an eye . . . . . . If I had my way, the firing squad would be manned by one person from each family of those of those who lost their lives in the Twin Towers, on this infamous day.



                             This photo courtesy of Doc's Military web.

             We will not forget those brave men and women who lost their lives trying to save others on 9/11.

Not if I can help it! 


If you're an ex-jar head,
 click on the flag
and let John Phillip Susa re-kindle your goose bumps!

Click here for over 400 archived photos of the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster,  90% of which you have never seen anywhere else.
These photos are a tribute to our heroes of the NYFD and NYPD  who lost their lives in the line of duty and to those heroes who continued to search under horrible conditions.
These are dynamic, high impact photos. All are thumbnails that enlarge when clicked on. Any gory stuff has purposely been omitted.
Take your time. This is really worth seeing. AND  . . . please tell your friends . . . to also view this memorial so they won't forget!!!
Other reason, I do NOT advertise, and word of mouth is the only way people find this memorial.


The intent of this website is to be informative and helpful to those planning this river trip, aimed mostly at newcomers who have never experienced this beautiful river, but also help for experienced paddlers wishing to paddle the Suwannee for the first time. For help on a specific area or subject, contact the webmaster. Address at the bottom of this page. I usually answer within hours the same day. 


If you've been on this site within the last couple weeks,  to make certain you get the latest updates, be sure you click on "Refresh" on your tool bar before continuing --(F-5 on PC's)  If you do not, chances are -- because of your cache, you might not see the latest updates. 
For latest river conditions see  links below - titled "Current Water Level" - 
 or "Weather Forecast"  which will give you a 5 day Weather forecast --
also see
"The Trip Reports from past Paddlers"

 Be sure to go to the paddlers feedback listed below as "Latest Trip Reports" near the bottom of this page and check out the feedback from those who have returned from the river. VERY good info to help YOU plan your trip.

   Current River Water Level.   Best you check on this (and the weather forecast below) before planning your trip.  (NOTE) If you can't read the gauge figures for some days, please call Suwannee River Water Management @ 1-800-226-1066  ask for the current water level at White Springs, then compare that number to the blue numbers below.  ALL TIME RECORD LOW IS 48.75' ABOVE SEA LEVEL At White Springs water gauge station. This link will take you to  only the Suwannee White Springs readings, which are the only ones you are interested in.
 This is an official state of Florida water level reading.  By checking these readings then comparing that number to the related numbers below, you will be able to determine it's relationship to good or poor paddling.  This will be very helpful in planning your paddling adventure so you can have more enjoyment with less problems.

PADDLERS -- READ THIS CAREFULLY!        Numbers indicate feet above sea level.

Guide to the Suwannee Water Level numbers, in relation to paddling.
Use only the number at White Springs then compare to these numbers below.
60 to 63... Fantastic Canoeing or Kayaking. (Big Shoals easy Class III whitewater)
58 to 55 ... Excellent Canoeing or Kayaking.  Guess Big Shoals - to be about a Class I  whitewater
55 to 53 ... Great Canoeing or Kayaking.    Lots of great campsites.
53 to 52 ... OK Canoeing or Kayaking more work due to slower current.  Lots of great campsites
52 to 51.6 ... Possible but also some shallows.  Due to low water, Lots of great campsites
51.5 and below
- Extreme low water. But Doable - GREAT campsites everywhere, and scenery is fantastic.   A Few occasion rocks and shallows but still doable.  Not the greatest paddling  - and not recommended for inexperienced paddlers due to lack of current and having to work harder and longer to reach your pull-out point.  "Little Shoals" are a danger around 53 to 54 since they are fast and danger of large hidden rocks IN the chute, but at extreme low water they are more doable since most of the dangerous rocks are visible.  You DO want to Use caution!  They are small - but can be deceiving.   I once hung an aluminum Grumman on a submerged rock in the chute, that my bow paddler could not see - and know of three others that also have had damage on those rocks.  It got wet out and very expensive - drowned all my Nikon equipment!  (Not in waterproof container) All of us were experienced paddlers. At these water levels -- Big Shoals is bone dry with only a small creek like trickle at the far right shore. The portage put-in is now much farther down stream. Though paddling is more work, the super campsites and the scenery do make up for the lack of water.
Also -- See the links below titled "Recent Trip Reports."

  Weather Forecast   This is a 5 - Day Weather Forecast  -- This takes you to four links to 5 day weather forecasts for five different points of the river.   From the Okefenokee, & Fargo, GA.,  Live Oak, FL.,  Branford, FL.,  and at the mouth of the river at the Gulf.    Each of these forecasts are spaced approx. 70 miles apart.

    BIG SHOALS PHOTOS AT NEAR RECORD LOW. VALUABLE INFO FOR ALL PADDLERS. Also a warning to all parents who have small children and plan on visiting these shoals at this low of a water level.

   Free  Classified ads. Canoes, Kayaks, Paddles, Paddling partners,  Camping Gear, etc.  Anything related to camping and paddling.  A totally FREE Classified Page where paddlers can buy or sell anything pertaining to paddling, camping, and photography, Anything that pertains to Outdoor fun for the family.  There are other paddlers out there who might have exactly what you are looking for, or are looking for what you no longer need and would like to sell. Please tell your friends about this FREE service to all paddlers. PLEASE, NO REAL ESTATE!

   MY BOOK  "Canoeing and Camping the 213 miles of the Beautiful Suwannee River"  It contains a lot of info on paddling this river and much more.   A "Must" if you are going to plan a trip on the river and have never been on the river.  This link will take you to the complete description of my Book, A Complete trip documentary and also contains everything one might need to know to paddle the Suwannee. Outfitters, re-supply points, river distances, paddling times, maps, just to name a few. There is much more. Both inexperienced and experienced paddlers
will find this information helpful in planning your trip.

 CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE DVD AND VIDEO COVERS . . . --  It covers the river all the way FROM INSIDE THE OKEFENOKEE SWAMP to the Gulf.  Beautiful COLOR scenery on DVD and VHS  is very informative -- goes hand in hand with the book. Full information on the 48 min. color DVD --(and Video ) They begin with canoeing inside the Okefenokee swamp (since that's the headwaters of the river) and take you down the Suwannee all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  If you plan on someday paddling the Suwannee, This is a "must see" DVD. I personally guarantee you and your visiting company will; after viewing this film; want to grab your gear and head for the river. 
Northern paddlers take note, when the snow is up to your buns and paddling is out of the question without breaking the ice, come on down.  Remember, the Suwannee will probably have superb paddling in 40 - to  60 degrees with lots of excellent campsites, (depending on water levels)


   Suwannee River FAQ's    These answer just about any question you could think of.  Such as what scenery to expect, campsites, wildlife, best time of the year to plan your trip, bugs, firearms, dogs, children, posted property, campfires, snakes, alligators, and much more.  A "must read" for a newcomer wanting to paddle and camp the Suwannee River.    If you are a first time paddler or an old pro, these should be helpful.  If you have further questions, use the form at the bottom of this page.

   Okefenokee Swamp FAQ's  These should answer just about any and every question you may possibly have regarding paddling, camping,  pets, firearms, wildlife, dangers,(Alligators, snakes, etc. I have just added a new University of Georgia - documentation link - on Cottonmouth Moccasins)  best time to go, do's and don'ts, insects, and much more.  Also - a bit of animated humor.   If you have further questions, contact me via my e-mail address on the bottom of most pages.

 Okefenokee Wildlife Info Center   -- All kinds of info on the swamp -- Location, Ecology,  permit information, etc. 

     Webmaster trip report from Fargo, GA. to Live Oak, FL. May 9th to 15th. This is a complete photo documentary of outstanding views of this beautiful river  from Fargo, GA. to Live Oak, FL., tightly edited from over 200 photos taken. 

      Want to build a Cedar Strip Canoe?? Click this link for A step by step detailed description of how  -- with over 100 photos.  Far more detailed documentation than any other site. 
(that I have seen)

     GPS      For those who have a GPS, here's the GPS numbers you have been waiting for, for the whole river. These were compiled and are supplied courtesy of Larry Reese of Orlando.

    Brace yourself for a SHOCK. For those who continually get an East Indian when you call Tech Support, Here's a  list of USA Companies that are OUTSOURCING TO INDIA AND PAKISTAN.   Unbelievable! And this may not be all.


       Trip report -- 2-24 to 3-3-07  Fargo to the Gulf in 7 days! At extreme low water.

        FAMILY trip report at extreme low water -  Good info for families wanting to camp and paddle.

        One of the best FAMILY trip reports - at extreme low water, and includes GPS numbers.

        NOW WITH PHOTOS!  (6/12/07)- Four Kayakers on the river at extreme low water, from Fargo, GA. to within 18 miles of the Gulf, - From 3/30 to 4/11/07  See what the river looks like when almost dry - especially Big Shoals.

    Suwannee Trip report - White Springs to Suwannee River State Park.

    Family Suwannee Trip report. 4/29 to 5/1/05 at 68' water level and lots of rain.

      4-17-06 Suwannee Trip by us old geezers. Also a photo documentary some of the beautiful and interesting things seen on the White Springs to Live Oak run, along with a trip log of paddling times. Many of the super sugar sand sandbars (campsites) are photographed for those who have never paddled this beautiful river.

    Trip reports from recent Suwannee paddlers.   What they encountered, water and/or other problems, their suggestions, etc.    We need your trip reports  --    Please be sure and give me feed back on your trip when you return.  I give you credit for the report!      This is helpful to others wanting to plan their trip.

   Photo Album -- Page 1    This is an assortment of descriptive photos of the river, beginning at Fargo, GA. and continuing all the way to the gulf. Some in B&W and some in color. I shot a lot of B&W on our original trip so I could use it for publishing the book.

   Photo Album --
Page 2  -- are of the same coverage. I split the album into 3 pages to decrease loading time.

   Photo Album -- Page 3

    Links to other paddling or recreation related web sites.  A large amount of links to other websites that relate to paddling, Camping or Hiking or some kind of outdoor activity. On this page, there are also several other links to Suwannee River web sites which I consider to be excellent and very informative.  Some sites are outfitters, some are retailers of Canoes, Kayaks, Camping Gear of all types. All are worth visiting.   After visiting a site, you may return here by just clicking on "back."

    White Springs to Suwannee River State Park -- Trip Details About 43 miles, and perfect for a couple nights of great camping. This trip is the most beautiful part of all of the Suwannee and has the least amount of problems. (You bypass the portage) Here we give much detail of this short trip.

  Below are other Florida and Georgia Rivers -- Trip Feedback from paddlers.
   The below  pages contain info on other rivers of Georgia, Alabama or Florida. Great stories of some excellent paddling destinations.  If you have found a great river to paddle and have the time to put your info and trip documentary -- or ? into print,  I'm sure others, would love to read it.  Send it to me,  you will be given full credit for the story. 
Send us your favorite river destination or experience so others can enjoy it!

   TWO TRIP FEEDBACKS IN ONE DAY.  BOTH AT EXTREME LOW WATER.    One is 3 kayakers - from the sill to Fargo, second is 6 kayakers - from Cone Bridge - to White Springs. (With photos)
AND NOW -- another trip  on Oct. 10th.  Great coverage of the river at very low water. Be sure and read!

   A page titled "Paddlers tell about their experiences on other rivers"  Good reading and very informative if you are interested in paddling several other southern rivers.

     Kayak solo trip, Swamp to the Gulf in 13 days, in the winter time.        

     Suwannee Trip report of April 28- to 31st. by Bill Logan

    Trip Report on the Satilla River of Georgia.

    New river report April 5-7  By Lonnie Erickson.   Hwy 6 bridge to Live Oak,   70.  on White Springs gauge.

      Fantastic Sept. 8 & 9 kayak trip report of upper Suwannee at extreme low water. Be sure and read.

     Great report of Sept. 21, 22 -- Six kayakers from Jacksonville.  -- Also extremely low water. 

     Another report of trip on Oct. 10th -- again at extreme low water. Good info.    

     Great trip report of November 28th to 30 - 02  - with photos!

   Rock Springs Run  C/FL                   New River -- North FL.             St. Mary's River - GA. #1         

   St. Mary's River, GA. #2                    Taccoa River, GA.

 A Great Okefenokee Trip Story       Econ River (Orlando area)       Broad River -- Super trip story

   Ogeechee River - Great Story           Oconee River Trip Story            Ochlawaha River - C/FL.

   Okefenokee Trip w/great Photos       Another -  St. Mary's #3 -- w/great Photos

   Recent Suwannee Group trip report. Very informative.      Well done!

   Withlacoochee River (North) Trip report - at extreme low water.  Doubt they will try that again.

    Okefenokee Swamp -- Trail 12 -- Webmaster's full Photo Journal of paddling (But mostly poling due to the extremely low water) -- 5 days in the swamp - 29 degree nights.

  * The link below will take you to a site that will give you a load of information on other good places to paddle.  Very well done and also has photos and commentary.  If you love paddling Florida, you will enjoy this man's site.

     One of the best stories of a solo paddler, from Maine, Going all the way to the gulf.  A MUST read.

     An  Excellent Kayaker's  Suwannee River feedback report  A Must read!

We need to hear of your trip, experiences and suggestions. Send in your favorite river report now for others to read and enjoy.  Use "Webmaster" below to contact me.

   Pro Photo Tips --  are just that.  Though I'm a retired Commercial Photographer, I'm not doing an 'ego trip' here.   My only purpose is to remind you of things you may have forgotten, or things that you might not know. The purpose for this page is only to be helpful so that you'll  get great shots -- and hopefully not destroy your expensive equipment.  If you are one who takes lots of photos on your trips, you will find this information helpful.

   Photos of the month.   (when we get photos)  I admit this page is really lacking. . . . However, if you don't submit, I sure can't publish.  We badly need new high impact photos.  How about submitting yours? There for awhile I was getting some very interesting shots.  I regret to say, since the water has been so low this year; the amount of paddlers on the river has dropped.  Therefore, I haven't been getting new material lately.  However, you will be able to see what I have posted in the past. Hopefully, someone will send me some fresh material in the near future.  Got a great shot?   Send it in so others enjoy it!

Should you encounter something on this site not working properly,    Please tell me where it is located and describe it.  I'll do my best to correct  it ASAP. REMOVE THE THREE X's OR THE E-MAIL WILL NOT WORK - (TO FOIL THE SUCKERS WHO SPYDER  WEBSITES TO HARVEST E-MAIL ADDRESSES TO SELL)

Also -- If you have a recreational website and would like to swap links -- let me know.  Be happy to.

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